Super Bowl 2012 Advertising Trends

6 Feb

Check it out now: Super Bowl 2012 Advertising Trends and stay posted to the Ideal Publicity Blog to discover a day in the lives of a young, savvy, innovative PR agency.

Written for Ideal Publicity, Super Bowl 2012 Advertising Trends.

“Watching Super Bowl commercials from an advertising and public relations perspective is a little different than watching them from the average consumer’s point of view. After commenting on one of the commercials, one of my friends actually responded to me with, “Wow! You really are in the advertising/PR field because you just called that little box a QR code. Who really knows what that little box is?”

So, it is natural for us to notice trends in this year’s advertising that others may not have picked up on. Three trends I noticed were the increasing use of social media, celebrities with multiple appearances for different brands, and partnerships between companies.

Social media has been growing over the years, and if you do not integrate it into your marketing tactics, you will fall behind your competitors. Companies advertising on the Super Bowl were definitely aware of this. While I did not see too much integration with Facebook or other social media websites on this year’s ads, there were a lot of Twitter mentions (pun intended). Companies were using it to allow consumers to tweet not just about the brands and products (like the #MakeItPlatinum hashtag for the new Bud Light Platinum), but also to tweet specifically about the commercials (#SoLongVampires for Audi). I also caught a QR code on a Go Daddy commercial.

There are always many celebrity appearances in Super Bowl ads, but I noticed some celebrities really cashing in this year. Super model Adriana Lima was seen on both Kia and Teleflora commercials, and retired football player and current ESPN football analyst Deion Sanders was seen in three different commercials for Century 21, Bridgestone Tires, and the NFL. Some companies claimed they selected certain celebrities for their large social media following and positive social media presence in hopes that the commercials will resonate with celebrity followers. Adriana Lima has more than 1.5 million combined Twitter followers and Facebook fans and Deion Sanders has a combined total of over 500,000.

The last trend I noticed were companies joining forces in the same commercial. Dre Beats headphones were featured in a Bud Light Platinum commercial. Twinkies were in a Chevrolet commercial, with a connection between the two products having the durability to last through an apocalypse. GE and Budweiser were also seen in the same commercial, highlighting the job of GE factory workers and their role in the production of Budweiser beer. Companies joining forces to produce commercials could be to lower the cost of having a spot in the Super Bowl, and it could also be to build positive relationships between the two companies.”

What other trends did you notice in this year’s Super Bowl commercials?

Check it out now: Super Bowl 2012 Advertising Trends and stay posted to the Ideal Publicity Blog to discover a day in the lives of a young, savvy, innovative PR agency.


5 Responses to “Super Bowl 2012 Advertising Trends”

  1. Slamdunk February 6, 2012 at 10:34 AM #

    Good post and analysis. Yeah, the advertisers collaborating was interesting, but I was disappointed in this year’s ads. Most were just not funny.

  2. tatumvay February 6, 2012 at 11:41 AM #

    I did find it interesting when I saw hashtags included in those commercials. It made it more clear how big social media has become and how it isn’t “a fad.” I have always argued, even from my time as a beta-tester for Twitter in 2006 and the boom of Web 2.0, that social media would be the biggest shift in communication since the invention of the printing press. I think more and more people are starting to realize that.

    Most of the social media trends weren’t a surprise to me; the psyche of human interest, pleasures and appeal will always be the same, no matter how digitally embedded we become. At least for this generation anyway…

    But a big shift in advertising this year I saw was the prominence of “leaked ads” prior to the Super Bowl. Commercials by Volkswagon, Acura, Doritos, Dannon, Kia, Teleflora, Lexus and Audi were appearing on my Twitter feed, Facebook walls and Hulu Plus advertisements a week before Eli Manning or Tom Brady even stepped foot in that stadium.

    One of the most notable ones that generated a lot of buzz was the Volkswagon commercial with the dog; the leaked version contained an extended ending, that was a play off of last year’s Superbowl ad with the child Darth Vader. People who saw the commercial during the airing of the game did not get to see the entertaining, extended 20 second end of the add. (Luckily for you readers of May’s blog, I found it for you:

    This shift is a sign of marketing genius; with Superbowl advertisements costing up to $3 million a spot, why not get bang for your buck. It’s a win-win situation because you are getting buzz out about your brand, you’re not spending any more money than you already did, and you have people talking about your company before the Superbowl, where parties full of friends, trays full of buffalo wings, and mugs full of beer can be a distraction toward your intended message.

    Quite a time in our lives indeed! With all that said, I agree; the ads weren’t as funny… But I feel like I say that every year. My favorite was probably the E-Trade commercial with the “Speed dating” punchline. Still doesn’t beat the Doritos kid from last year though! (


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