Social Relations Blog

16 Feb

If you haven’t already been aware, I have recently received the honor to become one of the newest blog editors and writers of, Social Relations Blog. The concept was created by current PR student and United States Marine Corps public affairs specialist, Tatum Vayavananda. The word “social relations” is a combination of public relations and social media. Our primary topics are PR and social media, and how the two industries are effecting the world in which we live in today. We also cover a variety of other topics like current events, culture, travel, technology, media, and marketing.

Since I am very excited about this endeavor, from this point forward, I will be posting all relevant posts to Social Relations first. I would prefer if my followers begin following that blog, re-sharing the posts from Social Relations, and commenting on posts there as well. Why wouldn’t you want to? Instead of just me, there are several other great bloggers you will get to meet! I will also re-post each post here, to add to my “virtual portfolio.” However, I will primarily begin using this blog as a virtual portfolio and to post any personal posts and/or irrelevant topics here, but the majority of my blog posts will be featured on Social Relations.

Currently, there are 3 editors, 4 writers, and 1 administrator. We may add others as full-time members of the staff in the future, but we welcome and strongly encourage all other students, professionals, and bloggers to contribute to Social Relations. To contribute, send an email to with your blog title, blog post, and any information you would like to credit your post (your full name, a link to your website or blog, and a mini-bio).

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well to stay posted on everything in the socially-shared world!


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